Which Chairs Would These Celebrities Love?

We like to think that celebrities like Taylor Swift, Madonna, Elton John, and Paul McCartney would rock a Southern Motion chair in their home, but what would their styles be? Would they be found relaxing with their feet kicked up in a SoCozi recliner, or would they be on the go and only stop to rest for a second in their favorite accent chair? We’ve created a fun game to see if you can choose which chairs these celebrities would rock.

Find the Perfect Gift Idea for Your Parents [Quiz]

Thanking the parents and parent figures in our lives is no easy task. Does a bouquet of flowers do it justice? Or a round of golf at their favorite course? While there’s likely no gift that is equal to everything that our parents have given us, we can try our best and get them something they really love. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, wondering what to get for Father’s Day, or want a gift idea just because, our quiz shares some fun and unique gifts for your parents.